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Help us build a comprehensive collection of beautifully-written tutorials about Linux and FreeBSD cloud hosting. You don’t have to be an experienced writer. If you have technical knowledge and a knack for explaining things, our editors will help with writing and publication. Submit a writing sample to become a UltraSeedBox community author, get published on our rich knowledge base with over a million unique page views each month, and make up to $200.

What we look for

  • 1 Technical expertise and best practices
  • 2 Correct and comprehensive commands
  • 3 Clear explanation
  • 4 Friendly, concise, and informative style

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Author Details

This is to make technical review easier if you are approved as an author, so we can give you access to testing servers. If you don’t have an SSH key, please create one.

Submit a writing sample now!

Please submit 1 to 3 how-to article titles for articles you’re interested in writing. Topics should relate to installing or configuring free and open source software on Linux or FreeBSD from a sysadmin perspective. Please note that we can publish original content, but cannot republish content already posted elsewhere.

This is a writing sample, and the primary way we evaluate your application. Your sample can be one of two types. You can submit the introduction and first two steps of a tutorial you’d like to write. (Please do not submit the completed tutorial yet; we want to respect your time.) While you don’t have to be an experienced writer, you’ll have a much better chance if you follow DigitalOcean’s tutorial style. Alternatively, you can submit a past article you’ve written that showcases your writing style on a technical topic. If you go this route, please make sure the writing you submit has a similar level of technical content and explanations as the tutorials in the DO Community. At this time we are accepting articles only in English.

Please share a link to your website, GitHub account, Twitter profile, etc. If you maintain an open source project (or contribute significantly to one), we'd love to hear about it! Let us know about your experience with the technology you want to write about and what interests you in becoming a DO author, too.

Get paid with DO credit or PayPal

deep tutorial
In-Depth Tutorials
1,500+ Words
Simple Tutorials
800+ Words
e.g. CentOS 6 to 7

Most tutorials are paid out at $200. Short tutorials with only a few commands or a few paragraphs of explanation are paid out at $100. Updates for existing tutorials, such as updating a tutorial from CentOS 6 to 7, are paid out at $50 with exceptions for more significant updates.